• Carpetrl20

    About my page

    March 24, 2015 by Carpetrl20

    I will post cheats for games 

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  • Port1967

    Port's Fav Wikis Collide!

    August 13, 2014 by Port1967

    Hey Candy Box Wikians! Its been a long time...

    I am announcing something today!

    Yesterday I participated in a challenge by a Miiverse user named Marco Polo where there was a bunch of video game icons and we had to guess the games they were from.

    I have decided to do my own version of this over here on Wikia! This will take place on Clicker Games Wiki and will (hopefully) have contestants from Nitrome Wiki, Tasty Planet Wiki, Sling Fanon Wiki, multiple clicker games wikis(Cookie Clicker, this wiki), Le Miiverse Resource Wiki and some Rayman Legends players! Each group will have its own team:

    Team Nitrome
    Team Tasty Planet
    Team Sling
    Team Clicker
    Team LMR(Le Miiverse Resource)
    Team RL(Rayman Legends)

    Sign up here[1]

    This will(hopefully)start sometime t…

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  • Port1967

    Hi fellow clickers! I'm Port1967, the founder of the Clicker Games wiki!

    I have a question:What other clicker games wikis are there?

    I know about the Cookie Clicker Wiki( , the Clicker Games Wiki( , and the Civ Clicker Wiki(

    Please answer in the comments if you know any more!
    Port1967(Ditto) 06:04, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Bushmin


    Actually, this screenchot is self-explanatory.

    I totally missed that hidden "*" in the mountains and kept on without the pogostick almost the whole game. This room with rocket boots could be beaten somehow, I thought. So, I came up with an idea to make something like 500 cloning potions, and... you see what happened next :)

    Just tons of cloning and teleporting.

    This took me something like 20-30 minutes... But after obtaining rocket boots I couldn't go on - these boots don't give ability to jump, they just level up the existing jump. So I had to spend an hour or so to find that pogo stick. Then, I needed another 10 mins to finish the game :)

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  • Thisismyrofl

    Hey y'all! I emailed aniwey, the creator of the game, about the wiki, and I got a quick response!

    Good to have the opinion of the game's creator on our work. I also, ah, suspect that he made an edit to our wiki very recently...

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