Candies are the main currency in Candy Box, and is given free from the start of the game to the player at a rate of 1 candy per second.

Candy has multiple uses:

  • Candy can be used to purchase items - lollipops, swords, etc
  • Candy can be eaten, increasing the hit points of the player.
  • Candy can be thrown on ground.
  • Candy can be used to enhance the diamond sword
  • Candy can be used to create potions

Eating Candies

Eating candy increases the players health points. No further effect is shown from eating candies. This can continue indefinitely until the player reaches infinite health, this will last until the next reload of the game.

Increasing Candy

The rate that you gain candy can be increased by the Sorceress in exchange for massive quantities of lollipops, which are usually gained from the lollipop farm.

Throwing Candies On The Ground

Candy can be thrown on the ground 10 at a time. This has no beneficial effect other than displaying the messages, shown below.

(Candy Box 1)

When you throw candies on the ground, you are displayed a message:

  • You threw 10 candies on the ground.
  • You threw 20 candies on the ground...
  • You threw 30 candies on the ground...?
  • You threw 40 candies on the ground...? :|
  • You threw 50 candies on the ground...? :/
  • You threw 60 candies on the ground...? :(
  • You threw 70 candies on the ground...? :[
  • You threw 80 candies on the ground...? :{
  • You threw 90 candies on the ground...? :'(
  • You threw 100 candies on the ground...? (;_;)
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