Candy Box 2, a sequel to Candy Box, made by aniwey[1] was released on October 24, 2013 and is currently playable.[2]

New Features

  • New quests, weapons, choices, NPCs, spells, resources... basically new everything (and a longer lifetime, too!)
  • New weapon types : there will be more than swords!
  • The ascii art is completely new and was designed specially for Candy Box 2
  • Keyboard shortcuts to access the different tabs and to do actions in quests
  • A lot of surprises

  • The ascii art will be placed under the CC BY-ND 3.0 license, which means you'll be able to use the art in your own projects if you want to (without paying anything).
  • The game code will be placed under the free software license GPLv3, which means you will be able to change the software to suit your needs, share the software, and share the changes you make.
  • Both local and online saving will be possible, to allow offline playing.
  • The game will be compatible with low resolutions and I'll try to make it compatible with smartphones and tablets as much as possible, but keep in mind it will always be better to play on a computer (if you want to be fast in quests, you'll need keyboard shortcuts)

  • New ASCII art
  • More quests & weapons
  • More Easter Eggs
  • Auto-save feature (automatic game save every 10 minutes)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • A downloadable, offline version where internet connection is not required
  • An authentication system (likely including accounts, i.e. user/password)
  • Both global and personal statistics
  • Compatibility with smartphones
  • "squirrels !!"
  • The play will have more choices in gameplay, "a bit like in a RPG"
  • Code will be cleaner
  • The python server will be a public repository
  • The javascript client will be on a public repository
  • The server and the client WILL be free software
  • Multiplayer arena battles.


The player starts off with the Candy counter and the classic button "Eat all the Candies" with the keyboard shortcut of "E". After the player accumulates 10 or more candies, the button "Throw 10 candies on the ground" will appear, with the shortcut "T". Fun Fact: you create a small story by throwing candies on the ground and after throwing 1630 candies, you earn a chocolate bar.

Once you earn 30 candies, a new button appears stating "Request a new feature to the developer (30 candies)." Once the player clicks the button, a status bar is unlocked above, and the button is replaced with "Request another one (5 candies)." You gain a CFG section on the right, and the button is replaced with "Request once again (5 candies)." This gives you a SAVE section towards the right andthe button becomes "Request for something more exciting (5 candies)." Once pressed, you receive a health bar with 100 health. Finally, a button appears saying "Final request! This one has to be worth the candies. (10 candies)" you receive a map tab in the status bar.


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