The G.M.O.O.H. potion is a potion from the first Candy Box. G.M.O.O.H. stands for "Get Me Out Of Here". It is quite a simple Cauldron recipe and one item from the quests it teleports to is quite useful. Candies and items are not kept upon a use, it being that it practically is an Escape potion.

The areas it is possible to transport to are the Desert, Sea, Cow level, and The peaceful forest. The first three can only be accessed through this potion. By the time the Cauldron is unlocked they are all relatively nonthreatening. The Cow level is quite useful for dropping the The horn of plenty.

Making a G.M.O.O.H. potion

  • To make a G.M.O.O.H. potion, simply put 10,000 candies into the cauldron (just remember to type it as 10000). Do not change this amount when making multiple potions, always keep it as 10000 else the potion will not work.
  • Then add 500 lolipops for every potion you want to make (10,000 lps = 20 potions).
  • Add it all to the cauldron and mix it for 2-3 seconds and put it into bottles.

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