Quests are perilous adventures that the player may embark on, in which he must fight creatures and try to avoid death. With risk comes reward: large amounts of candies or even special items may be found. Each quest must be completed in order to unlock the next. After a quest, the player must recuperate for a time depending on the percentage of health he lost (each percent roughly corresponds to two seconds).

Going for quests

Quests are accessed from the Quest tab. The player typically begins on the left side of the screen. He automatically progresses his way to the right, fighting his way through any enemies or obstacles he encounters. If he makes it all the way to the end, he completes the level. If he has sustained any damage, he will have to rest before he can quest again.

He "dies" if his hitpoints reach zero, and will not retain any items found during the quest. He must rest for a full 200 seconds (100 with the pink ring of calmness). He will not unlock the next quest. 

List of quests

Accessable only by G.M.O.O.H. Potion

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