This article is about the lollipop farm from Candy Box. You may want the the lollipop farm from Candy Box 2.

The lollipop farm is a location for growing lollipops, unlocked by finding a lollipop farm's key from beating the first questThe peaceful forest. It quickly becomes the primary means to obtain lollipops and is essentially needed to buy anything with lollipops.

Growing lollipops

When unlocked, the lollipop farm is visible from the Candy Box tab. By planting lollipops, the player can grow more lollipops. Planting more lollipops increases the rate at which lollipops are grown, to a maximum of 100 lollipops per second, which is reached by planting a total amount of 17,402 lollipops. [1] This can be further increased to 300 lollipops a second if the player obtains the Horn of Plenty.

Speed of Lollipop Growth

The amount of lollipops that are grown is equal to (lps planted^2)/day. If your production rate is over 24, you get floor(lps planted^2/24)/hr. If you get to 60 per hour, you get floor(lps planted^2/1440)/min. If you get to 60 per minute, you get floor(lps planted^2/86400)/sec, up to a maximum of 100 (8,640,000 per day).


  • The big lollipop on the farm can be clicked on to alter between slightly different appearances. This doesn't appear to affect gameplay.
  • Although the lollipop farm is different in Candy Box 2, a picture of the old lollipop farm can be seen hanging in two of the houses in the village.


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