This article is about the lollipop farm from Candy Box 2. You may want the lollipop farm from Candy Box.

The lollipop farm is a location for growing lollipops in Candy Box 2. Unlike the one in the first game, it doesn't require an object to be obtained to gain access; rather, the player can go to it at any time after reaching the map. As in the first game, it is tremendously important for obtaining large amounts lollipops.

Growing lollipops

Upon planting 23,046 lollipops, the player's production rate will reach 100 lollipops/a second, the fastest they can get just by planting lollipops. A Pitchfork or Shell powder will triple the production of the player's lollipop farm if they obtain one. If the player obtains the Green shark fin, it will multiply production five times. Will all three items, the player can generate 4,500 lollipops a second!

The Mill

Should the player possess 10,000 or more lollipops at once, they can build a mill. If they then 'feed' this mill, it will begin generating candies. Lollipops are fed to it in set amounts.

The Mill goes up to ridiculously high amounts of lollipops; so high, in fact, it appears there is no end. The mill literally just keeps asking for more and never seems to hit a cap.

The Pond

Should the player possess 100,000 or more lollipops at once, they can dig a pond. They can then buy a lolligator (or more; 1,200 candies each) for the pond that will convert candies into lollipops.

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