Turtle potion
Cost 20,000 lollipops via Cauldron
Buy from
Effect Turns player into a Turtle and makes the player slower but more resistant.

The Turtle potion is an item that can be made in the Cauldron with 10,000 lollipops.

It is required to use one to beat the quest Developper's moat.

Making a Turtle potion

To make a Turtle potion, put 10,000 lollipops into the cauldron and click "boil". Once it says "Boiling... BOILING !", click "stop", then click "mix" and mix it for one second or more. After that, click "stop", then add another 10,000 lollipops, and boil it again until it says "Boiling... BOILING !". Click "stop", and then bottle it. (To make more turtle potions, put in multiples of 10,000 lollipops.)

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