Yourself is a quest where you have to literally defeat yourself. You are the only enemy in the level, similar to the next Chuck Norris quest. The level consists of a plain area where the enemy (you) is standing in front of your starting area. Every action taken is mirrored by the enemy you meaning you die at the same time as it losing the quest, with exceptions (see below).

Upon beating it you advance and a single floor tile is left behind you.


This quest can be completed by first buying "surpassing yourself" for 1,000,000 Lollipops at the Sorceress' hut, and then going and defeating yourself. Note that if you you have too much HP, this can take a very long time to complete. However, you can reset your health via the Javascript / Developer's Console (which can be done at any point in the game). Another option is to use a fire scroll at low health which can also kill the enemy you before it does you somehow. Note that it is too claustrophobic so summoning does not work (it just does not work).



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